Evolution of the MSim™ robotic simulation platform 

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Innovation in simulation and training timeline

2007 - First dV-Trainer prototype installed at Indiana University’s Department of Urology.

2008 - First dV-Trainer installations outside of North America: University Hospital of Nancy, France and University College Hospital, London.

2010 - MSim 1.0 next generation platform.

2011 - MScore brings proficiency-based scoring to the dV-Trainer.

2013 - Advanced suturing and knot tying fully integrated; tube closure and tube anastomosis exercises introduced.

2013MimicMED offers CME training opportunities for surgeons in collaboration with Nicholson Center, FL.

2014 - Xperience Team Trainer incorporates the console surgeon’s first assistant into simulation training.

2014 - Introduction of Maestro AR procedure-specific modules.

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