Welcome to a new era of interactive, procedure-specific simulation

Introducing Maestro AR™

dV-Trainer users can now gain familiarity with robotic procedures using augmented reality. Maestro AR enables use of 3D virtual instruments to interact with 3D footage from an actual robotic case. 

Watch a video preview

Fill out and submit the form to see a video preview of the first augmented reality procedure, Partial Nephrectomy. (Existing customers and contacts, your information will be pre-populated in the form).

Exclusively available on the dV-Trainer®

NOTE: Existing dV-Trainer customers with a service contract, see the full preview of the new Partial Nephrectomy module that came with your MSim software update in Feb. 2014. 

Maestro AR for Partial Nephrectomy is available for order now.

Partial Nephrectomy features case video and audio narration from Dr. Inderbir Gill. Dr. Gill is the Chairman and Professor of the Catherine and Joseph Aresty Department of Urology, Founding Executive Director of the USC Institute of Urology and Associate Dean for Clinical Innovation. 

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Learn more about the Maestro AR Multi-Specialty Package (includes Partial Nephrectomy, and modules in development: Hysterectomy, Prostatectomy, and General Surgery). 

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